eFax & Voicemail

Fax to email – Get a fax number in another country

No paper, no fax machine, no telephone lines, just your computer or laptop and an email account.

Receive a local fax number in over 20 different countries

You can receive a local fax number in a different country that is linked to your email. All faxes that are sent to the number we provide you are automatically forward to your email address in a .pdf file format. e.g. you may ask for a fax number in London.

Improve workflow and reduce paper usage

Receiving faxes into your email inbox in an electronic format allows you to distribute amongst co-workers easily via your email plus all your correspondence is in one place.

Electronic faxes can be saved easily in a central location on the network or computer. Allowing you retrieve documents easily at a later date and avoid the filing of documents in filing cabinets.

How does fax to email work?

  1. Go here to register for your fax number.If you are a Council member (with your fees fully paid up for the year) then you can obtain a free UK or USA fax number by using the discount coupon code: ITC92FREE
  2. Fill out the form and you will receive a local fax number from the city and country of your choice.
  3. Give your new fax number to clients, customers and contacts.
  4. Receive unlimited faxes directly to your email inbox.

How do I receive the faxes?

Faxes are sent directly to your email. This means that they can be accessed from anywhere email is available, including your smartphone. This added convenience makes it a very valuable way to monitor your faxes from any location.

How secure is fax to email?

Faxing servers are equipped with the same 128-bit encryption protocol as that of the large banks for security. The fax to email service complies with all relevant legislation pertaining to the sending and receiving of facsimile documents.

Can I also receive a normal telephone number in another country?

Yes.  You can be assigned a local phone number in one of 20 countries.

Once a number is assigned you can record a personal greeting for callers to leave you a voicemail message. Voicemail messages are then sent to your email as an attachment.

All Council members receive a 40% discount on this service using code: ITC40DISC

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